Warehousing & Distribution

Intrepid Ag Solutions™ currently offers over 875,000 square feet of warehouse storage space in three geographical regions. Each of our distribution centers is fully equipped with 100 percent sprinkler coverage, audible fire alarms, and security systems that are connected to local authorities’ internal command systems.

Each location is operated by a dedicated, in-house logistics team who handles seed, fertilizer, hazardous material (hazmat) and non-hazardous material (non-hazmat) agriculture chemicals. A unique Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Establishment Number is assigned to each distribution center, allowing us to offer an all-inclusive service in lieu of the standard flat storage service.  

Through 80 years of combined industry experience, the Intrepid Ag Solutions team realizes the importance of inventory accuracy, and as a result, has invested in the latest Warehouse Management System (WMS) technology.  Read more about this on our Systems and Technology page.

Our third-party warehousing and distribution opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Handling of finished goods
  • Customer product labeling and tagging
  • Racking
  • Returns/consolidation
  • Relabeling
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Repackaging
  • Pick and pack
  • Will call