Intrepid Ag Solutions™ understands the importance of the bottom line.

Costs must be controlled, and freight is certainly no exception to the rule. We provide first-class solutions for transportation at economical prices. We view each shipment as a unique opportunity for our dedicated logistics team to find the best fit for that particular load, utilizing company-owned fleet, dedicated carriers, or customer pick-up.

Intrepid Ag Solutions’ logistics team conducts industry studies and evaluations with each of our dedicated carriers to ensure optimal pricing and a superlative level of service.  As a result, our customers’ overall freight costs and savings are maximized.  In certain cases, we will work with our customers’ contracted freight provider in order for them to maintain an existing relationship.

Our goal is to offer maximum value and service through our company-owned assets or our dedicated carriers, while also maintaining flexibility to work within customers’ desired parameters.   

Our flexible transportation solution options:

  • Customer continues to source their own logistics entirely, or
  • Customer requires every shipment to be handled by a hired carrier, regardless if customer or Intrepid is sourcing (no Intrepid assets used), or
  • Customer relies on Intrepid to source all logistics, including the use of company-owned assets branded as Intrepid.