Intrepid Ag Solutions™ employs Warehouse Management System (WMS) technology at each of our distribution centers.

WMS with barcoding allows for improved inventory management and inventory tracking, as scanning information is more accurate and efficient than manually inputting data.  WMS also allows for first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory rotation and tracking by receipt dates, expiration dates, and lot numbers.  Data is accessed rapidly, is easily visible at all times, and is used for transparent inventory reporting to customers.  Customers have access via the Internet to view their inventory and its location within the distribution centers.

Intrepid Ag Solutions offers printed GTIN14 (UPC) labels for any unlabeled pallet to adhere to our WMS standards of accurate and efficient inventory management.

Each stock keeping unit (SKU) is scanned and tracked both internally (distribution centers to retail locations) and on outbound shipments (to customers).  Our ultimate goal is for product flow to be tracked from the manufacturer through the distribution channel to growers, followed by analytical data being pushed back up the channel to optimize product offerings and agronomic recommendations.