About Us

Intrepid Ag Solutions™ is a third party logistics (3PL) brand launched in 2014. We are an agriculturally-focused, full-service warehousing, transportation, and distribution service provider.

Backed by over 80 years of combined experience in the distribution and agriculture input industries, the Intrepid Ag Solutions leadership team combines their know-how with flexible and innovative thinking to maintain a standard of excellence in the ever-changing environment of our industry. Our goal is to provide best-in-class logistics and distribution, while creating win-win efficiency opportunities with partners. We currently offer nationwide coverage to service all major agricultural regions coupled with expansion plans centered around customer needs to provide even greater efficiencies.

Intrepid Ag Solutions works with key partners to manage working capital efficiencies that are created through reductions in inventory. We develop detailed supply plans with our customers, whereby customers continue to own the inventory stored in Intrepid Ag Solutions’ warehouses and pay for the first points of delivery. This advances inventory management further down the channel and closer to end users with the least amount of movement. Management of inventory from fewer supply points is less costly and more efficient.

Efficiency Statistics:

• Intrepid Ag Solutions has exceeded the industry 3PL average inventory accuracy on a monthly basis by maintaining 100 percent inventory accuracy with customers to date.

• Intrepid Ag Solutions has exceeded customers’ goal of full truckload shipments, averaging 85 percent YTD, leading to a 59 percent reduction in logistical moves based on sales transactions.

• Suppliers’ carbon dioxide emissions have decreased, while sales have increased based on lbs. sold.